is a free service for publishing scientific papers. Our goal is to give scientists a solution for making their research public, without the heavy peer-review process and without wasting months and years on waiting publication. Your research will be published almost instantly.

There are no limits on what you publish. We will not evaluate your work. You can publish any crazy idea. There is no control on the content. Anyway we will not publish articles that are not scientific. I.e. press releases, SEO-articles, ads, etc. is a scientific service so do not use it for other than scientific papers.

To publish your paper you just need to register an account and then log-in and use the Submit menu (it will appear next to "Register/Login" after you log-in). After that the article will be reviewed and if it is not a type of misuse of the site, will be published. There will be no any censorship on scientific thesis.

Published articles will appear in category "Research by Inspired Minds". When such an article receives enough positive feedback it will be moved to category "Research By Great Minds".

We wish you an inspiration...



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