Nice terror - no single police shot at a driver's seat

nice big

More than 80 people were killed by a truck-terrorist in Nice (France). Soon after that first photos and videos of the case appeared. And the questions with them. The most suspicoius fact is the lack of a single shot on the driver's side of the truck's front-windshield. In France driving is on the right side of the road, so the steering wheel is on the left - just like in USA, Russia and the rest of EU, without UK. It is obvious much shots were done. Anyway it looks like the idea of the police was to keep the terrorist alive, as no shot is visible where steering wheel is.

Also very suspicious is why no one fired at tires. The truck would go nowhere without tires and only on rims.

The terrorist attack hit about 1,5 miles along the shore. And no policeman managed to stop it.

Generally we see much shots. But the question is whether the police was just making fireworks to simulate a fight with the terrorist, or the French police is the most stupid one in the world.


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