Han Solo survived Episode 7, obviously becomes immortal :)

It looks as this prognosis was not completely right... :))

Obviously Han Solo will survive the Episode 7 of Star Wars and will continue being one of the favorite charcters in next sequel. I think so because if something different has happened it would already leak as info after the premiere. First echoes are extremely positive and are focused on the wonderful and exciting storyline. Watchers are waiting Episode 8. No any symptom of a major hero sacrificing. And such a sacrifice would be impossible to hide in first reactions, even the most warily ones.

The same is situation with Luke and Leia. No one of them will miss in Episode 8. In fact, it looks impossible to make a Star Wars sequel without these 3 characters. In fact the movie is equal to these 3 characters. They can change and transform themselves, but never disappear. My prognosis is that taking them out of production will be its end. So the end of Star Wars saga will be in 10-15 years when actors become too old to participate.

There were rumors on killing a major character by J.J.Abrams, and prognoses were towards Han Solo. It was said this will be the final role of Harrison Ford, before retiring. Anyway, being the most liked character in first 3 episodes shot, it is difficult to kill him :) Among all actors in Episode 4, Ford has made the best actor career afterwards. And despite the fact that StarWars is not the favorite movie of Ford himself, Han Solo is the favorite character of fandom. And therefore – immortal… :)


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