A spectre of John Galt is haunting USA

No it is not a chapter of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". It is a real news by a reliable source. More and more Americans are giving up their citizenship. This absurd situation looks like in a comedy movie as millions of people all over the world are dreaming of coming to America and the Green Card lottery does not lack applicants... But if we open the Rand's unique book we will see exactly the same. The active, rich and entrepreneurial people are running away from the Socialist USA, while common people - workers and government officers are staying. The Rand's scenario is very close to current situation with citizenship throwing. And this means a serious danger for USA.


Another Mogul is leaving the Euro-cause

Today the leader of the Eurogroup Jean-Claude Juncker (also prime minister of Luxembourg) resigned - unexpectedly and before the end of its term in June. The formal reason of the resignation is his discontent of German-French domination in Euro decision making. But I think this resignation means much more. I think the Euro is close to its end and the weighty officials are leaving the cause, this way saving their own authority.


200 billion Marshall-2 plan to feed the EU bureaucracy

200 billion Euros is the size of the new European "growth" plan prepared by Brussels bureaucrats. First the Spanish newspaper El Pais published the information and after that some other rumors confirmed it. Even the slang name appeared - a Marshall-2 plan. The European Commission (EC) officially denied the existence of such plan, but as we remember most of such announcements by EC lately has been proven not true.


Apple in a super expectations trap

It is not rare these days to hear optimistic expectations about Apple Inc. Prognoses of share price of over than $1000 does not miss. And good real financial results usually prove the optimistic expectations. So investors become more and more optimistic and buy more and more shares, pumping this way the prices up. But I think the big risk for Apple is in its big success. At current moment Apple is monetizing not only its real business success, but also the ultra optimistic expectations of investors. I think a serious tribute to the price of Apple’s shares is coming from expectations. So in fact the price of shares contains of 2 parts – a part based on real financial data and great sales, and a part based on expectations of future success. I think this second part is already too big and is becoming a major risk for Apple.


Just as expected - Iran crisis is calming down, but oil price is still loving up :)

March 30th the crude oil price (WTI) was $103,02 per barrel. April 27th the price was $104,93 per barrel. Why comparing these 2 dates is interesting? The answer is in Iran nuclear crisis that is blamed as main reason for pumping up the oil prices. On April 14h in Istanbul (Turkey) negotiations were hold between Western countries and Iran. Both sides said the talks were "constructive" and optimism appeared on markets. The economic sanctions plans were to be rethought and the risk of war went down.


Is Nokia so bad?

The credit rating of Nokia is going down, leading to more expensive borrowing for the company that is already in trouble. The first quarter results are impressively bad. Much analysts see only dark clouds on business horizon. And Samsung outran the Finnish giant in the race for the 1st place as mobile phones producer. But is the situation with Nokia so bad?


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