Suing Facebook is an exculpation for own foolishness

Some angry investors decided to sue Facebook, the IPO bank - Morgan Stanley, and Mark Zuckerberg personally after the share price of newly listed on Stock Exchange company crashed down from the IPO level of $38. This is the expected end of a mix of market bubble and Ponzi scheme that is to become at least one of the largest disappointments in business history. There was an enormous hopes, massive money flow of naive investors, and usual and logic slump at the end.


The Greek mysticism - "no to bailout - yes to Euro"

An interesting model of political populism in developing in Greece. Greece will not leave the Euro zone, but will go out of the bailout package. The package is called "suicidal", "ruthless" and "unfair". But is this possible - to reject only the bailout plan and at the same time to stay in Euro zone?


Did G8 sow the new Deutsche Mark?

At the meeting of G8 Angela Merkel was scolded by other leaders and the concept of austerity has been criticized. There has to be "growth", said Barack Obama accompanied by other leaders. Well, in fact Germany has a good and stable growth... And it is because of the conservative fiscal policy, savings and diligence. These are the keys to growth. Germany has a real growth, unlike U.S., where FED and Obama created a fictitious growth, by printing dollars and accelerating the inflation. So in fact Merkel is the most active pro-growth politician - one that makes real results.


Facebook "Ponzi" has started

Facebook bubble reached a bigger size than expected as early as the first day of real market trading. First the IPO has outrun the expectations motivating additional shares to be placed on sale. Then the enthusiastic investors pumped the price additionally up. But at the end of the day the price was back at the IPO level.


How the mafiots will elect the madness in Greece

Alexis Tsipras is the new super-star in Greek politics and the most probable next prime-minister. He is a left utopist that plans to nationalize banks and to cancel all payments of old debts, but without going out of Euro-zone and without printing Drachmas. There is no explanation how it this possible in one and the same time. But populists rarely think about possibilities. They think only about emotions and how to use them in their interest. So Tsipras is to become the European Hugo Chavez - a catastrophic as results leader that anyway is very popular among people by succeeding every time to blame someone else for the problems.


FED finally found an excuse for QE3

After months of speculations an verbal manipulations of the market, the truth rose as inevitably expected. FED will print more money as a reaction to the crisis in Europe. It is not clear how printing dollars and pouring them in USA will affect the negatives of EU crash. But EU is an enough excuse to start printing.


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