Aliens at the gates - USA and Russia playing a Hollywood-like war-spectacle to secretly press the world to arm

Russia and USA are playing a Hollywood war spectacle in order to make the world re-arm itself to be prepared for an alien invasion. The information is from absolutely reliable source in The Pentagon. Two major military superpowers are helped by the rest of significant countries and weapon producers. The concept is the planet to be armed again to an extreme level exceeding this from the Cold War. As this would be an enormous weight for the economy it is better to happen step-by-step and explained by artificial threats, invented by PR specialists.


Young Han Solo is smuggling Jedi lightsabers in the new fanfiction "The Saber of Windu"

The saber of Windu

(Episode I of The Adventures of Young Solo)


the third

year of the Empire

were completed all legal

formalities on the undeniable

proving of criminal activity of the

Jedi Order. Then the Emperor issued

a decree that declared illegal any literature

and any information distribution about the Jedi.

Totally was prohibited the possession of any surviving

Jedi artifacts and their owners risked imprisonment. In subsequent

years, this decree led to an impressive increase of the cost of any Jedi items

on the black market...


Antichrist will sit on the Iron Throne in Season 7

The Antichrist – the mystic son of Devil will sit on the Iron Throne in the planned 7th season of “Game of Thrones”, some new rumors appeared. The season will be dominated by the battle between the new absolute king and his main enemy – the powerless but very influential spiritual preacher John. Both John and Antichrist claim the same history that the battle between Good and Bad is eternal and moves from one world to another.


The Father of Anakin (Vader) - the new Dark Side Lord in Episode 7

Let me share a thought. The mysterious dark-side jedi in Episode 7 will be... the father of Anakin (Vader). He is the only one, out if Luke and Lea, that can regret of Vader and cry on his helmet. And he is powerful enough to restart the Dark Side...

This is not an official statement. It is just a prognosis. Think about it - you can always find a new Dark Side follower. But is it needed for him to look for and be sorry for Vader and almost cry on his helmet?

Remember - no previous sith lord or apprentice has been interested in his predecessor. Count Dooku was not interested in Darth Maul. And Anakin was not interested in Dooku.

And generally if a new Dark Side master is appearing, it is logical he will be intersted more in Palpatine, than in Vader. Palpatine is the previous symbol of the sith.

So why someone will regret about Vader, unless somethnig is connecting them?

And can you imagine more mysterious hero than the ever missing father of Anakin...


Argentine - bankrupted every 10 years on one and the same debt :)

Argentine is going to pay 2 times for one and the same thing. In 2001 it went bankrupt, and as a punishment it was cut from markets and interest rates jumped up. Now again it is declared bankrupt, will be cut from markets and interests will go up. But what is funny is that today there is no bankrupt... :) The problem is the same case from 2001, restarted after a court decision by US court. After 2001 Argentine paid its price with going default and restructuring its debts. Now it will have for second time to restructure the same debts and again pay the social price... :)


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