ECB: The Pandora's joke with negative interests

   Why is the joke invented unless to say the truth using it… There is such a saw in my country. So 2 years ago I joked with the idea of “negative interests”. Today it is no more a joke. It is a reality. The zombie politicians passed the “red line” established by centuries of economic history and by strong mind. Yes – the European Central Bank decided to cut its deposit rate below zero.


Bulgaria in the ridiculous logic of WSJ

   The evolution of the low quality journalism was demonstrated on Wall Street Journal with the article about Bulgaria as the riskiest EU country on a matter of sympathies towards Russia. This article shows the complete lack of information and research before writing it.


Tea Party losing to socialists

   Tea Party is obviously losing ground showed the Republican primaries. Instead – more leftish candidates are winning, calling themselves a “business wing”. In fact – classic hidden socialists.


China to cash the Ukraine jumble

   When 2 are in conflict, the winner is the 3rd. This is a wisdom widely known in my country. My country is not China, but it looks as China follows this concept. So while Russia and the West are in confrontation on Ukraine, Chine will benefit from both by staying neutral.


EU central banks banned from selling gold

   Today the major central banks of EU, plus some satellite countries decided to prolong for 5 more years the old agreement on “not selling gold”. This decision sounds strange as at the moment no one on Earth is selling gold and everyone is trying to buy. The gold mines and real production are not capable to meet the demand as the price is kept artificially low with the means of market speculations.


An exception of wisdom in Switzerland

   The convincing vote “No” in Switzerland referendum on $25 minimum wage looks as a victory for right conservative thinking in the middle of the socialist and going bankrupt Europe. In fact it is just a small step opposite to the trend that cannot change the trend itself. EU, and the attached to it Switzerland, is a very leftish society. And it is still accelerating down the hill.


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